Please CONTACT us to view sample video interviews!

During this time of COVID-19, all of our video interviews are conducted remotely, using high-definition, digital Skype recordings with local audio feeds. By summer 2010 (post-vaccine), we hope to return to in-person videography services at a location of your choosing. These interviews are shot in broadcast quality, high-definition digital video (1920 x 1080p) using one or two cameras at a location of your choosing.

Videotaped oral history interviews can be stand alone projects, or enhanced with lightly edited transcripts, short biographies, memoirs, genealogies or other print materials. If you wish, videos can also incorporate photographs, additional narrators, pets, performances (song, music, movement), genealogy, heirlooms, and maps. Video editing is as limited or extensive as you desire, but all video programs are professionally mastered and delivered as archival, high-definition MOV files (for Mac), AVI files (for PC), and mp4 files (for viewing on devices). We also offer standard or blu-ray DVDs and cloud storage. Whatever the final output is, you will receive the entire archive on a project hard drive for your safekeeping and sharing.

After an initial conversation with you, we will design a personally tailored project proposal that meets your wishes for a project’s video format, scope, schedule, and budget.