What follows is a small sampling of past personal and public history clients, narrators, and projects.

Personal History Clients

  • Kenneth & Dede Feinberg, Special Master, 911 Victim’s Compensation Fund, Washington DC
  • Scott Cook, CEO & Founder, Intuit, Palo Alto CA
  • John Doerr, Chairman, Kleiner Perkins, Menlo Park CA
  • Boris Frank, Boris Frank Associates, Madison WI
  • George David, CEO, United Technologies, New York City
  • The Ibrahim Family, USA & England
  • The Bellows Family, Chicago, IL
  • The Calderon Family, Madison WI & Oakland CA
  • The Koralek / Linder Families, Mexico, England, USA
  • The Schwartz Family, Israel

Public History Clients

  • Vice President Walter Mondale
  • U.S. Congressman David Obey
  • U.S. Senators Alan Simpson, Jake Garn, Paul Sarbanes
  • Paul Volcker, Chairman of the Federal Reserve
  • Gordon Ambach, Commissioner of Education, State of New York
  • Richard Riley, U.S. Secretary of Education
  • Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate


  • Judah Magnes Museum, Berkeley, Califronia
  • The Wisconsin Historical Society & Foundation
  • New York State Archives
  • Yale University Archives
  • The Wisconsin Arts Board
  • USC Shoah Foundation
  • Performing the Jewish Archive, University of Leeds, England


  • Oscar Mayer, Inc.
  • Chocolate Shoppe, Madison, Wisconsin

Educational Institutions

  • School of Social Work, UW-Madison
  • Free University of Berlin, Germany
  • The George L. Mosse Program in History
  • Senior Summer School, UW-Madison,

Non profits

  • The Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service
  • Community Support Network, Inc.
  • The Lead Belt Jewish Historical Society

Religious Institutions

  • Temple Emanu-El, San Francisco, CA
  • Solana Beach Presbyterian Church, Solana Beach, CA

… and many more. For references and samples, please contact us.