Telling Your Story Is Healthy!

Research Shows That Telling Life Stories

  • Improves attitudes of younger adults towards older adults
  • Increases a sense of meaning in life
  • Assists with the grieving process
  • Increases self esteem
  • Decreases levels of depression
  • Improves problem solving skills

Humans Learn Through Telling And Hearing Stories

  • Each human being needs to talk and be listened in order to create a sense of connection and community across the borders of geography, culture and generational distance.
  • History is not just what the kings, politicians and bureaucrats decide. It is the story of you and me, of how we cope with and understand what happens to us.
  • Telling your life story is a priceless gift to those you love and care about. Plus, it is best to do when you have energy, time, and health on your side.

Reflecting on the history, experiences, and lessons of one’s life is always a meaningful endeavor. Passing it on to the future is one of the greatest gifts you can give to those you care about. We are all tomorrow’s ancestors. Sharing our stories helps shape the kind of world and legacy we want to leave to our descendants. Whatever you choose to share, we encourage you and are here to help!