The value of preserving your history cannot be overstated. Recorded personal, family, and public histories give us a sense of who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. In today’s mobile and rapidly changing society, our most important bonds often weaken with geographical and generational distance. Recording and preserving our stories, be they personal, family, or larger histories, is a wonderful gift and a priceless legacy to ourselves and to those we love, now and into the future.

Consider a few of these proven benefits:

For Listeners

  • To gain a sense of the narrator’s history
  • To gain an understanding of themselves, their roots, their connection to a history larger than their individual lives
  • To bridge generation gaps and strengthen family and community ties across generations

For Narrators

  • To engage in a fun, creative, and meaningful process
  • To contribute to broader history
  • To connect to younger generations
  • To facilitate life changes and transitions
  • To heal, make peace, and achieve closure
  • To leave a lasting legacy to one’s family and loved ones
  • To give an incredible gift

For the Future

  • To gain a sense of connection to one’s ancestors
  • To understand cultural and historical roots
  • To inherit a valuable legacy beyond material possessions

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