Our experienced oral history team is ready to begin work on your project.

Charles Glen, Audio & Video Editor, Digital Media Designer

Mr. Glen has worked with Life History Services for over twenty years as its lead video and multimedia editor. He is an expert in digital media design, post-production video and audio editing, and web-based, digitization projects.

Noah Hecht, Cinematographer & Director

Mr. Hecht is a talented, award-winning filmmaker and documentarian. He has worked with Life History Services  on production planning, videography, and collaborative video editing. Plus, he belongs the next generation Hechts involved in Life History Services.

Maureen Gaber, Lead Transcriptionist

Ms. Gaber has worked as a professional transcriptionist for over a decade on numerous academic, independent, and institutionally based oral history projects, including over 100 transcription projects for Life History Services. She is a part-time freelancer and a trained paralegal. She brings extensive experience in multiple-project management.

Lisa Wilber, Graphic Artist, Print Editor, Book Designer

Ms. Wilber has designed books for the past fifteen years in corporate, academic, and small business settings. She brings a background of art and literature to her design work and matches it with great technical skill. She has edited numerous oral history memoirs and manuscripts, designed books and genealogical documents, and created print media for Life History Services.

Greg Rosenberg, attorney, lead researcher, technology and business consultant

For many years, Mr. Rosenberg has provided Life History Services with experienced ongoing historical research, technology upgrades, legal consulting, web development, and database management.


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