Reasons to use Life History Services

  • Life History Services offers immediate service and expertise in collecting, recording, and preserving your unique history.
  • A professional interviewer's unique skills and non-familial role elicits more comprehensive storytelling and sets the participant at ease.
  • We travel nationally and internationally and record stories in English, Spanish, and German.
  • This is a wonderful gift for any occasion: holidays, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, memorials and special events. It honors those you love.

Now is the time to capture the stories you will treasure forever.

The Value of Recorded Life Histories

The value of preserving your personal, family, or organization's history cannot be overstated. Your future descendants will want to know about life in the 20th Century, where they came from, and what the lessons and challenges of your life have been. We must create and nurture strong connections to our past and our future, if we are to grow and learn as families, communities, and organizations.

Professional Interviewing

A professionally trained interviewer can both simplify and deepen the interview process for you and your family. The interviewer works collaboratively with the interviewee to elicit more comprehensive and chronological storytelling. An experienced interviewer also helps set the interviewee at ease throughout all steps of the recording process.

Technical Expertise

You do not need to master interviewing techniques, gather family history information, perform historical research, or understand various recording technologies to complete a life history project right now.

Life History Services provides all these services so that recording your unique stories and history is efficient and possible today.